Anna + Kris, Bear Creek Park

2015-07-26_0005 (1).jpg

As national trainers for Les Mills, Anna and Kris started as out as colleagues and they quickly found friendship through their common interests of fitness, teaching and encouraging others. 

It was a while before friendship turned to something else. As Anna put it, they were "exclusive best friends" until one day they were more than that. Sometimes love just sneaks up on you folks.

As a long-time bestie of Ms. Lowery, I was overjoyed at the chance to meet Kris and honored at the chance to photograph them. I mean, really, can you take a bad photo of two such beautiful souls? I think not.

This past weekend I watched them work together in perfect harmony, and whether they are teaching a Body Combat class, making chicken curry or walking their 3 adorable puppies… this couple makes a fantastic team. 

Kris is a stand-up guy. Recently going back to pursue his degree and pursue physical therapy. 

Anna is a force herself. She’s a national trainer for Les Mills RPM & BodyJam and a black belt.

I've known her for quite a while and I've never seen her smile this big, good job Kris.


I loved, love the look on their faces whenever I asked them to just “look at each other”


The light! Gorgeous, soft and perfect for snuggling. When not in the woods, these two love to cuddle up on the couch and binge-watch Chopped!

A Sh’Bam and BodyJam trainer, I wasn't surprised to see how gracefully Anna took quick swing around the dance floor, err... forest, but I was pleased to see how Kris took to the challenge.

I was sad to leave these two lovebirds back in Euless but something tells me they might not notice my absence. ;)