Lindsey + Dan, Ronin Farm

I met Lindsey and Dan as models for a corporate shoot for Ronin Cooking, LLC. And even though they were fully decked out in wedding gear, they were eagerly helping pull things together on set. As I walked up, they instantly put things down to introduce themselves and shake my hand. Because they are just that awesome... And just like that, I knew it was going to be a great shoot.

Lindsey's smile lights up any frame... and all I have to do to get Dan to match it is to tell him to look in her direction.

As the day went on I heard more about their story. And if you know anything about me, you know that I am a sucker for the how-did-yall-meet story.

Their Story

Dan was the cute baseball player who saw Lindsey across the room at the bar. And until that moment, he thought that love at first sight was not real. But after just one night talking to her, he knew. And told his buddy... I'm gonna marry that girl.

But fate had other plans and so he was off to training camp, and out of the picture, for many months. When he returned, he had not forgotten Lindsey and set about a plan to get a first date. Lindsey did not make it easy, she had already decided that baseball players were not the dating type.

It took months, a mutual friend and a sports bet to get Dan their first date but it's been a beautiful friendship since.

You know the couples that inspire you to fall in love? This is one of those couples. Full of life & love. When you can dance like this to no music and act like there is *not* a photographer creeping in the woods taking pictures of you.... well that's the kind of love that lasts.