Vivian Fritz, Age 2

Time is fleeting. And time with a two-year-old named Vivian goes by at mach 3. It was a joy to slow time (to just 1/200th of a second) and spend 2 days capturing some of those every day childhood moments with my best friend Sonya Fritz and her little one Vivian.

A few of those captured moments stick in my mind (and my camera). The way she posed herself after the first few minutes I put the camera in front of her… “she just does that” Sonya said. Spontaneous tea party complete with all her stuffed animals (“lamb tea” anyone?). Creating a fiddle out of a couple of sticks. Her very first time “way up” in a tree.

Life doesn’t get any better… or does it? Guess we will find out when she turns 3.

Offically taking a moment to say THANK YOU to Mrs. Sonya Fritz who patiently allowed me to follow her around all weekend. I loved every minute. And yes, I did put the camera down to join in on the fun!

What a creative spirit! I love watching a new mind explore the arts. And those baby blues, I mean c'mon.

"She just does that," her mom Sonya told me. Nobody needed to show this old soul how to work the lens. It's her signature pose. Love it Viv!

Remember when people used to push you? Yeah... I kind of miss that too. And I also miss the sides of the swing not pinching me, ha! Anyone else?

Like mother, like daughter... both BEAUTIFUL! And gotta love a candid.

THIS! these are the magic moments I *live* for as a photographer. We're on the way home... Vivian stops at her mom's side to grab a stick. Then... sees another small one. Suddenly, she's "fiddlin"... see, this little bit has been watching PBS and her sweet little mind saw the opportunity to mimic her favorite musician. Awesome. I hope we see her at Carnegie Hall one day and can remember this. Thanks goodness I'll have a photo to jog the ol' cerebellum, right?!

Day 2

Another day and the same cutie is back setting up tea time for all her furry friends.

Day 3

So we're back at our favorite hangout, the park, and I think... I wonder if Vivian has ever been in a tree? Nope, says Sonya. So we put her up there. Now some kids might get in that position and get nervous or freak out... NOT Vivian! She looks down at the ground and then IMMEDIATELY up to the sky and I snap this...

 It's total *perfection*... Drew and I might have it framed one day we love it SOOOOO much. Embracing the sky and looking up... well we think this kid is going places, for sure! I'm pretty sure with her eyes on the prize, it's gonna be all up from here kiddo.