Ronin, A Dinner in the Forest

There were nearly 20 long-time friends gathered by Ms. Faith Stringer, along with first-timers Shelly Templin & her husband Jack, but soon it seemed as if they were all old friends during this family-style feast in the forest.

Hosts Amanda & Brian Light make everything look so effortless but behind the scenes Chef Brian Light of Ronin Cooking, LLC worked lightning-quick to create course after course of fresh, local-sourced, farm-raised dishes. And Amanda creates these amazing friendly atmospheres and always delivers service with a smile.

My personal favorite was that amazing heirloom tomato & pepper salad. I am going to need the recipe chef. And seriously, what adult doesn’t love a smore? And a Texas-shaped homemade graham cracker, what a special touch!

If you want to experience a night out without the trappings of the same movie & dinner atmosphere, try a full moon dinner out on the farm. The next one happens to be at Millican Reserve, July 31. I’d hit up and grab those tickets before they run out.

Many thanks to the amazing local businesses who made this special evening come to life...

Venue: Ronin Cooking, LLC
Proteins: Richardson Farms

I just love the entrance to this place! From the minute you arrive you are surrounded by rustic charm.

And then you come around the corner and you are hit with the beauty of dinner in the forest, under the stars.

What I love about this place is knowing half the food comes straight off the farm that surrounds you.

Baby artichokes! So stinking cute.

Folks started arriving and meet the farm mascots, the Light family pups & a super friendly farm cat.

Here is the renovated custom kitchen where all the magic happens.

I love family-style seating. My husband always says, strangers are just friends you haven't met yet. 

Can you say date night? This place is perfection for a laid-back couple.

Meanwhile Chef Bryan was moving fast getting the first course served, a DELICIOUS soup.

Service always with a smile... but first, let us take a selfie.


Next course, the fresh tomato & pepper salad! I swear, he cut this so fast, I could barely catch it. Ninja!


I love the atmosphere the light went down, the charm went up.

S'mores? S'YES!!! I think every Texan can get behind a BBQ-roasted s'more. A perfect sweet ending to a lovely evening.