Salinas Family

I've watched this family laugh in the face of life's storms before, so I was not surprised to learn that it takes more than a little rain to phase the Salinas family (Nick, Sam, Jasmine, Kasidie, Nichole and Lauren). Recently, they allowed me to capture their sweet personalities on a rainy Friday at Lick Creek Park in College Station, TX.

Samantha, a local USDA expert & Aggie, quickly identified the local grasses of the field where I had posed the family. Gotta love learning new things!

I was delighted to find out Nick's mother would also be in town, we had her join us for the session and got the whole family underneath this gorgeous tree. I just love the literal family tree analogy.

The kiddos were great sports and even helped me *hug attack* their grandma. I LOVE, love the facial expressions here. You can't beat a good surprise!

As we walked and talked, I caught a few quick snaps of the girls individually. They grow so fast!

Speaking of growing, momma Salinas is sporting the cutest baby bump. Don't you think? I can't wait to see the next lil' Salinas! Get here already. 

The equestrian entrance proved to be the perfect time to wrap up the session. We caught the most beautiful light. 

You know what they say, the family that laughs together, stays together!

Thank you again Salinas family one and all for a wonderful evening. I am so grateful for the opportunity and Drew & I look forward to the next visit!