I LOVE to research everything I buy... so why would I mind answering your questions? :)

Here's a few common questions I get fairly often... but if I fail to answer yours, just contact me and we will get that concern squared away ASAP!

How will I get, print my images?

Images are delivered via an online gallery and all images can be downloaded, full resolution. Clients may choose to simply order prints through the online gallery through the Pixieset photography services. For printing, I use WHCC, they are AMAZING! They are a reputable vendor with accurate color and quality products. If you choose to download images and have them printed elsewhere, I cannot guarantee quality. But I can make alternate recommendations, if you are looking for a product WHCC does not offer.

How many images should I expect?

Unless specified otherwise, all portrait sessions result in a minimum of 40 to 60 high-resolution images which are delivered within 2 to 3 weeks.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes I do, there is a 3% service fee (charged by my service) for this, but most folks find it worth it for the convenience. Or if you prefer, I can send you a quick invoice via email and you can pay by physical check.

When do I pay you?

There is a simple 50/50 rule for me. 50% down to reserve my time and talent, 50% due at time of service. 

Where can I order prints/albums?

First, I'm SO glad you like the photos! And honored you want to print them. I believe photos and albums are an investment, so I only recommend the best print shop to print on archival-quality papers. This ensures you get correct color that will last generations. When your custom online gallery is delivered by email, it will include an easy link to order prints. If you choose to order an album through me, you can simply mark your favorites in the online gallery and let me know you'd like to order an album. Once you've approved the estimate of cost (the base price + small hourly service fee to layout pages). I recommend KISS albums for their quality and beauty. These are GORGEOUS albums folks. I'll round up a proof of your album and we'll get it to you quickly! Of course, you will always have the option of downloading and printing them on your own. I just cannot guarantee the quality or shelf life of prints made outside of recommended vendors.

Can my friends, family order prints?

Yes, just share the online gallery link (with your password); they will have an individual login, can mark their own favorites and create their own orders. All orders are processed separately, so you don't have to exchange any money or round up checks, whoop!

Do you travel?

Abso-friggin-lutely! I love to travel. So does my husband D. If we can get there by car, we will save you the cash (so just gas + hotel room). We always stay where the rest of the wedding party is located. Sure, we might catch an extra candid or two... but it also ensures there are no hiccups in getting to the wedding on time, safely. If plane & hotel is needed, rest assured we will do our best to stay budget-friendly. In addition, we have friends all over the country, globe. But contact us as far in advance as possible to ensure we have availability (and can book at the best rates).