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I've always loved cameras, illustration and design. In fact, in my day job I do all three. I have over 20 years experience in graphic design.

*Shameless link to my other work here.*

As a creative professional, I can tell you one of the most important things about the photographer you hire is going to be personality. You need to click. How else are you going to genuinely have fun and be yourself in a photo? Realistically, there is not one person (nor photographer) that fits everyone. It's that unique point-of-view and personal touch that sparks something in the eyes and lights the soul on fire.

And... as much as I wish it weren't like a weird first date... that first client meeting often is something just like that. Fun fact, I didn't date anyone til I was nearly 30... just to avoid the awkwardness. But hey! I've gotten better over time. Let's grab some coffee and see what happens. :)

I'm guessing you might want to know a few things about me first before you commit to the whole in-person (or email) meeting. So here goes a few things about me.


- Kendra Lewellyn


I can't live without:

My faith

Shot right before my baptism.. if only we had gotten the dolphin too! Sorry for quality, only an iPhone that morning.

Shot right before my baptism.. if only we had gotten the dolphin too! Sorry for quality, only an iPhone that morning.

I'm a life-time church attender, but by no means perfect! Life is a journey and the longer you live, the more you appreciate grace. My relationship with Christ is the most important one I've got. Hopefully if we get a chance to meet, this will be evident in the way I conduct my business. 

Fun facts

  • I didn't get baptized til I was married (yes, I have commitment issues)
  • I was baptized in Corpus Christi in the ocean... and after I got out a dolphin danced in the water... and an old Mylar balloon floated right to the shore. It was my first birthday present. ;)
  • I love church and fellowship, there's nothing better to get your week going than a great sermon, good scriptures and belting out a few hymns
  • I attend Austin Ridge Bible Church and would LOVE to run in to you any given Sunday. Introduce yourself! I don't bite.

My coffee



It needs to be clearly stated that I don't really just like coffee. I love it. I have to have some in the morning to be a happy camper. But I'm also one of those annoying people who likes to learn about different beans and talk to friends about it. If you want to be my new bestie, bring me a cup to our meeting.

Fun facts

  • I didn't drink coffee til my second job, I was nearly 26.
  • I actually enjoy making coffee (in french press or through espresso machine) in the morning; it's our happy, wake-up-together time... and it just makes the rest of the day better.
  • I prefer a dark roast or a blonde... none of that in-between stuff.
  • I have tried everything under the sun (from coconut milk to homemade almond milk) to give up my half-n-half addiction... nothing has worked yet.

Sound like we'd click? Let's find out...


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